Girl Tattoos-How to find the right design for you

Girl Tattoos-How to find the right design for you. If shows like Miami Ink and LA Ink show us anything, it is that tattoos are not some whim. What ever a form of rebellion is now seen by many as an outer extension of who they are. Women of today are getting tattooed and looking on the net for girl tattoos have skyrocketed. Some tattoo studios (once called tattoo ' salons) can even a woman to man ratio of 60% to 40%.

What drives a woman to get a tattoo? The most frequent reason is that they just broke up with someone in studios. To get some of their first ink after a divorce or another big change in their lives, such as the loss of a loved one, birth, marriage or even religion (think cross tattoos or the Virgin Mary). This is a practice that dates back thousands of years.

What are women to have done tattoo-wise? The most popular are usually flowers, tribal designs, butterflies, fairies and cartoons. These tattoos are also starting to get bigger and more tailored. There was a time that women generally "hidden" something quite small on their shoulder or ankle. Today popular spots are the small of the back, arms, legs and even coffins. Although, the ankle and shoulder are still hugely popular locations ... the tattoos are just bigger. Typically more stylish, that men, women are more concerned about tattoos that they want and where to places on their body. A part of the work of the tattoo artist is to help the customer select a design or possible location which will accentuate a certain part or form of the body.

Women also seem to be better than men when actually get tattooed. Men think they are tough can the pain. But if the needle touches the skin they pass into the Chair. Women, on the other hand, anticipating the pain and a higher tolerance.

Are you looking the internet looking for tattoo designs, a tattoo Finder or more in particular girl tattoo art? Finding the right design can be downright exhausting. People with tattoos will tell you how long it takes to make the right choice. After all, they last forever and should not be rushed. It might take 20-30 hours to find the right tattoo design, so a tattoo not on a whim or go with fun and trendy. A female tattoo must be unique and should speak about who you are and not copied from someone else.

If you are like most women, you've searched and searched for the right design, whether it be a cross tattoo, a tattoo or flowers Butterfly tattoo. You may have the internet wanted, wanted to get a tattoo finder or even searched the books from your local tattoo studio. Take your time and try the type of tattoo you want before you start visualizing. Try examples that seem to find your idea to see what it can ultimately look like. Never tempted to "just a pick from the wall ' ... never settle for less just because you can't make up your mind. The first half of 2008 shows the 5 most popular girl tattoos are traditional Japanese tattoos (koi fish, dragons, etc.), traditional American tattoos (pin ups, classic cars, etc.), flower tattoos, Anime (although I think this is a passing fad) and Indian/Hindu tattoo designs. Be careful, however, some designs have a very different meaning than what you thought and can also be associated with certain cultural groups; such as gang tattoos. You also need all strange tattoos, such as the Japanese letters, translated before they permanently attached to your body! It is estimated that 25% of all translation in tattoo studio is wrong! There are many cases of people who visit a Japanese tattoo of "strong-willed" and the letters actually spelling of "small fish" or something worse.

When getting a tattoo, remember that fads come and go, are aware of all regulations your employer may have against them and don't forget that having a removed can amount to ten as much as the original tattoo!

People have said that getting a tattoo is like losing your virginity! The rush, the smell, even the pain are very memorable and intense. People say even that tattoos are addictive!